The Bethlehem Steel Mill
Refered to as "The Steel" by towns people.  The Bethlehem Steel Mill looms over this town like a
large sentinel.  In its day it was one of the largest steel mills in the U.S. and as it sits today it is a
memorial to the industry that made this country what it is today.  Unfortunatly it sits in decay.  The
once super hot blast furnaces that once produced some of the hottest material now sit cold and dark.  
The thousands of employees that worked there have either died or moved on with there lives, and the
once busy mill now is as empty and as useless as a discarded old soda can.  But the memories live on,
in the minds of the people.  And the role it once played is only history.  So lets look into the heart of
the Bethlehem Steel Mill and take a look at one huge example of the might and will that once filled
this country.  And hope that this piece of history never falls into nothingness.