American Viscose Corp
Not to much is known about the history of the American Viscose Corp.  It was however the first ever
Rayon Factory in the US and was built in 1910.
The remaining buildings only are a small sample of what used to be located on the compound.  The
larger new section home of the chemical research department was turned into a community center and
later turned into a few apartments, which are being lived in.  The older section, main offices are still
there and totally abandoned.  And for the most part tightly sealed shut.  The offices housed a huge
dinning area as well as a four lane bowling ally on the top floor.  The bottom end of the factory behind
the labs, are still there but being used as storage and are being used by other companies, one of which
is a medical waste disposal facility.  The last two remaining buildings are completely abandoned, but
very hazardous.  The one building the smaller of the two, was a maze of pipes, vats, mixing/holding
tanks, and chemical drums.  This building, I believe was used to store, mix and process the benzene,
sulfuric acid and the caustic sodas needed to produce the resins that would be used to produce rayon.  
That room would remind you of something out of a Nightmare on Elm Street movie, with all of the
pipes, boilers, and so on.  The second and tallest of the buildings, which was I think 6 or 7 stories high
were for the most part empty.  The top floor had some remains of the spinners used to spool the rayon,
and spools of rayon were everywhere.
The American Viscose Company buildings are private property and extremely hazardous.  Crumbling
walls and soft floors, as well has left behind hazardous waste can create extreme hazards.  And at the
time of these visits, the site is routinely patrolled by MHPD.  If you visit I stress extreme caution and
highly recommend not entering any of the buildings.  Its not worth being arrested or worse, hurt or
even killed, by any one of the many hazards located at this site.