Fort Tilden
Fort Tilden is a former United States Army installation in the New York City borough of
Queens.  The fort is located on the Rockaway Peninsula, and is just west of Jacob Riis Park.  
Following a number of temporary military installations on or near the location dating as far
back as the War of 1812, and ending with the Naval Air Station Rockaway (Departure point of
the first transatlantic flight.), the fort was established about the same time of the American
involvment in WW1 in 1917.  The fort was named after Samuel J. Tilden, a one-term governer
and Democratic Presidential hopefull in the 1876 Presidental elections.  The fort first served as
a coastal artillery installation and ended its service as a Nike Missile site.  Housing both the
Nike Ajax and the Nike Hecules missile.  Fort Tilden remained an Army installation until 1974
when it was decommissioned and turned over to the state of New York to be used as a park.  A
number of structures are included in an historic district that also includes the Battery's for the
16" Naval guns that were deployed there.