Allied Textile Mill / Colt Patent Arms
Paterson, NJ
The masonry shell of the Colt Gun Mill is an important remnant of the nation's first
planned industrial community. When built by the Patent Arms Manufacturing Co. in 1836,
the mill stood four-and-a-half stories tall, was topped with a bell tower capped by a
gun-shaped weather vane, and surrounded by a fence with pickets shaped like a wooden
gun. Now, through a combination of demolition and arson, only dilapidated brownstone
walls remain. The mill produced revolvers until 1842, and subsequently manufactured silk
and cotton. Its last owner was Allied Textile Printing (ATP), which closed the mill in 1983.

The mill sits on a prominent 7-acre site within the 90-acre Great Falls/S.U.M. National
Historic District. The district comprises a manufacturing center started in 1792. The early
industrialists situated their mills to take advantage of the Passaic River and its Great
Falls. Since 1988 the site has been listed as a Priority One threatened National Historic
Landmark in the U.S. Department of the Interior's Annual Report to Congress.

With its presence as a ruin preserved, the Colt Gun Mill will become the setting for an
outdoor museum on water power, since the chronology of the Gun Mill's power
source-from waterwheel to steam to electricity which mirrors the evolution of American
industry. The Trust grant will fund stabilization of the ruin's four walls. The adaptive reuse
of the mill is one phase of an overall site redevelopment that will include commercial and
residential uses, project being directed by the National Park Service and the City of

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