Huntsman Corporation
West Deptford Plant
Huntsman Corporation (Huntsman) is located on a 300-acre parcel of land in West Deptford
acres of woodland and pasture, and approximately 90 acres was formerly used for the
production of polypropylene. From 1962 to 1987, Shell conducted polypropylene
manufacturing on the site. In 1987, Huntsman purchased the site
and continued operations until 1999. Beginning in 1987 at the time of the sale to Huntsman,
Shell conducted an environmental evaluation under the New Jersey Department of
Environmental Protection (NJDEP) Environmental Cleanup and Responsibility Act (ECRA).
The ECRA activities included soil and groundwater sampling and hot-spot removal of
impacted soils. The evaluation continued until 1992
when Shell received a no further action determination from NJDEP. Three main processes
were used during the production of polypropylene at the facility: 1) the Wet End Process; 2)
the Dry End Process; and 3) the Utilities Process. Water was supplied to the site through four
onsite wells. Three of the onsite wells were process water wells and one was a potable
water well. All water obtained from these wells were treated onsite prior to its use. Currently,
none of the four wells are being utilized. Process materials were stored in various quantities
in tanks within the Boiler-Utilities area. Three boilers generated steam required for the
process operations. Boiler #3 also burned waste oil.
Burning of waste oil ceased in 1995 and the boiler was closed in 1998. The plant chemical
and sanitary sewers drained to an onsite wastewater treatment facility. From 1962 to 1972
effluent from the onsite wastewater treatment system was discharged under a NJDEP permit
directly to the Delaware River. From 1972 to 1975 treated wastewater was discharged to
Mantua Creek. From 1975 until the cessation of manufacturing operations, all discharges
went directly to the Gloucester County Utilities Authority
(GCUA) treatment plant.  On March 4, 1999 Huntsman announced the cessation of
operations at the facility. Thirty-one areas of concern (AOCs) ( namely, AOCs A through FF ,
not including I and O, and Groundwater) were identified in the facilities Preliminary
Assessment (PA) Report, dated January 19, 2000. The PA was conducted under the NJDEP
Industrial Site Recovery Act (ISRA) the successor program to ECRA. Nine of those AOC’s
(identified as AOCs 1 through 9) warranted further investigation, according to the PA.

I would like to thank the EPA's RCRA Corrective Action Division for the information above
pertaining to the Huntsman Plant.

All remains of the Huntsman Plant have been demolished.